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The White Plains Road District Management Association (WPRDMA) doing business as the White Plains Road Business Improvement District (BID) was established May,1994, as a not-for-profit community economic development organization with a mission to maintain and enhance business conditions in a four-block area in the Bronx with over 100 stores. The area extends from Bolton Street east along Pelham Parkway South to White Plains Road and south for three blocks to Brady Avenue. 

The shopping district is home to a rich abundance of business establishments, including clothing and jewelry boutiques, restaurants, salons, florists and food shops–all with an emphasis on old-fashioned service. The broad variety of merchandise and really low prices attract customers from throughout the city and suburbs. 

The main retail shopping area is characterized by the #2 elevated train which runs up the center of White Plains Road with a stop at Pelham Parkway. Bus connections Bx12, Bx39, and Bx22 are available at Pelham Parkway as well as links to the BxM11 and the Westchester #60 and #61.

The area is within walking distance of the Bronx Zoo, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, Bronx Municipal Hospital Center, the Weiler Division of Montefiore Medical Center and Beth Abraham Hospital and Health Services. In addition the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Fordham University, and various elementary and intermediate schools as well as Christopher Columbus High School and Saint Catherine’s Academy are also in the neighborhood.

We are also privileged to encompass an ethnically diverse community as characterized by a plethora of houses of worship of diverse persuasions, a plentiful supply of community service programs and a variety of government agencies.

Development of the White Plains Road BID

Originally, the businesses on White Plains Road and Pelham Parkway got together and formed a merchant’s association known as the Pelham Parkway Merchant’s Association which was supported by yearly dues paid by the local businesses. The purpose of this organization was to address local problems with one strong voice as opposed to a myriad of small, weak voices and proved to be very successful.

Later on the PPMA was replaced by the Pelham Parkway Local Development Corporation which received federal monies to refurbish the business district on White Plains Road. The refurbishing involved the planting of trees, replacement of light poles, installation of brick pavers and street furniture.

In 1994, the PPLDC was replaced with the White Plains Road District Management Association doing business as the White Plains Road Business Improvement District. This was a novel program developed by the City of New York which took the support for the organization away from the responsibility of the local businesses and made it the responsibility of the commercial property owners by taxing commercial property to provide enhancements to city services. For services provided under this program refer to the Services Section of the website.

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